You Need A Variety Of Hairdressing Scissors In Your Kit

Trying to figure out which pair of professional hairdressing scissors you need to acquire for your kit may be a daunting task for aspiring hairstylists. Various barber scissor, some of which you may never use, are only one example of the abundance of available equipment.

Hairdressing Scissors Types

Through years of expertise and research into the hair business, Scissor Tech has learned what features a hairdresser needs in a pair of scissors. With this list of must-have hairstyling supplies, you won’t fall for deceptive advertising.

Shears With Short Blades

Consider the length of the blades while shopping for professional hairdressing shears. Hairstylists with tiny hands will find short-bladed cutting scissors easier to handle since they are less cumbersome and provide more control. Blade lengths between 4 and 5.5 inches work well for most hairstyles. These 2018 Matsui Matte Black Aichi Mountain Offset Scissors are ideal for slicing and detailing dos on women because of their compact size (5.5 inches).

Barber’s Shears With A Long Blade

Scissors over comb is a barbering method in which the hair is cut swiftly by passing the scissors over a more extensive section of the head. Scissors, with their long blades, provide a straight and precise cut. To perform blunt-cutting procedures, which need straight cutting lines, you should use barbering scissors that are between 6 and 7 inches.

Scissors With Narrower Blades And Wider Teeth

Scissors that are thinner overall and have fewer teeth are an essential tool to have on hand. Thinners of this sort are intended to take off significant swaths of hair. As a result of the thinning scissors’ limited number of teeth, a more substantial fraction of an inch is removed with each snip. If your clientele has very thick or coarse hair, this will save you a lot of time and work.

Scissors For Mixing And Texturing

When thinning hair using regular scissors, it’s simple to remove more hair than necessary. You can avoid this by including a thinner with many cutting edges in your toolkit. Hair may be gradually thinned off using texturizing scissors because of their many little teeth. Texturizing fine hair will give you much more control and accuracy.

Scissors That Rotate

Working in a salon for many hours may tax the hands and wrists. Your lovely hands will thank you for adding swivel scissors to your toolkit. Using standard hairdressing scissors forces your thumb into a very awkward position. Swivel scissors provide a variety of grips and finger positions thanks to their thumb ring’s ability to rotate. They work with your hands as they are because of the rotating thumb ring. You’ll feel less discomfort and have a more pleasant time trimming your hair.


Now that you know which hairstyling shears to include in your kit, feel free to peruse the items mentioned above and the rest of our deluxe offerings in the store. Become a master hairdresser with any of the many hairdressing scissors we have.




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